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Richness in the Spartan

Okay, so, here’s a mostly made up landscape with crows.  I think I managed to keep the horror movie aspect out of it.


So, back to thinking of things that are delightful in the dark and the cold.  For instance, I think of the massive sky, that in other seasons, is hidden by and competing with glorious green trees and multi-colored flowers.  So, that, and the bare bones of the dormant trees, are visible only now.  I remember speaking with one woman, a photographer, who preferred winter trees for her art.  She said she felt they were more “honest”.  I’m still not sure what she meant by that, maybe she was searching for a word to describe something more complex.  Perhaps she  meant it, in the same way that a nude human is more authentic than a clothed person?  Don’t know to this day.  Whatever she meant, I have yet had a tree, in extravagant foliage, or otherwise, lie to me.

But for now, I’m doing little sketches on notecards, until I’m more confident for an idea.  Thanks to my sister, more of the high quality paper I use is on the way, but I treat it like gold.


Looking at the Smaller Picture…

Without working in the retail Christmas rush, I have gotten past the rush.  Now, New Year’s is on the horizon, and then that expanse of time known as winter.

Last year, I spent winter exploring the new landscape around me, a suburban, not New York City surrounding.  Nothing much has changed in this new area in the past year..so, I’m looking past the immediate impressions the landscape made on me…and looking for the subtleties.  Yes, I’m looking at the smaller picture.

For instance, my living room window faces the southeast.  I get a splendid view of the sunrise.  Of course, with sunrise as late as 7:15 am, that’s not too hard to wake up for.  Last year, I played with that sunrise and came up with this:


I realize I didn’t post this in the winter last year.  I wasn’t to fond of it.  However, I realize, that I was too busy looking at the obvious…if I had just looked at a bit of a smaller view….like this?


Well, this is a scratchy version of what I really see.  Sometimes, random planting and the artistry of nature makes a composition as delicately balanced as a Japanese garden.

So, as I recover from yesterday’s feast and workout…I’ll be starting work, on this little corner that almost escaped my perception.


Thank God it’s Monday.  I know that may not be popular among people who work Monday through Friday, but I have worked all weekend.  I’m off tomorrow and Wednesday.  So, I’m being contrary and what else is new?

I didn’t get much time to do artwork….but I am working on Making Peace with January.  It features a seagull against a cloudy sky.  My mother, who was always tuned into nature said seagulls only come inland when there’s going to be a storm.  Her wisdom seems to be true.  Again, though, seagulls are one of the few birds that are around here in the winter.

The idea was to have a white outline of a seagull against a cloudy sky.  Well, in the sketch I did that….and it turned out horribly depressing looking.  My intention is to spread good vibes, so a totally depressing sketch is totally….wrong.  So, I quickly did some edges of light coming around the clouds.  It’s smudged, it’s dirty, it’s done dirt cheap….but at least it will give you an idea.

I also made the seagull too large….looks like an albatross.  More seagull like proportions to come.