Back to the Day Job

Here’s a shot of the mall, where I work. There’s a carousal, which probably came from the old state fair for which Danbury, CT was known.

I’ve done some drawing of the carousal, as this one:

And this one:

In a sudden turn of subject, there’s a song that was popular in the 60’s……….The Windmills of Your Mind. For those of you with brave stomachs:

Why not the carousals of your mind? Makes perfect sense to me.

So, back to the day job. Selling shoes. I actually like my job, and sometimes it breaks up a dull week.

But I”m doing a lot of thinking, thus the whatevers in my mind.

If I don’t make money doing these shows, what do I do? This morning I felt discouraged and up against the wall.

Then I thought about the work I have sold:


Most of these I’ve sold online. If that’s the case….shouldn’t I be spending my time cutting and pasting to websites on the omnipresent, omnipotent World Wide Web? Does anyone call is that anymore, even?

So, see me at more websites, near you.

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