I’m Being Haunted

I’m out again, looking for shows to enter and galleries to represent me. I’m wiser this time, and I have lost my fear of rejection, but still, it’s tiring.

One gallery director keeps wanting me to do something different than what I do. Maybe should just tell me she doesn’t like my style? I’ve given up. It just doesn’t make sense, or matter to me anymore.

So, here’s the latest. I believe I’ve shown you the sketch…..here’s the final.

I’m haunted by old artwork too. This reminds me of “The Cat from New York City”.

Not to mention, “Fading Morning Star”.

Errg. Have I gotten to the point I’ve done so many works, that I have noting to do but repeat myself?

In other gallery news, I’ve learned my lesson long ago, to choose my fights carefully. I was broken hearted when I first sent my work out to publishers. Rejection hurt hard. Now, it’s just a frustration.

Been thinking it may be worth taking a trip, but not staying, to my old stomping ground.

New York Skyline

Maybe take a trip across the river, to a well selected show.

I’ve been thinking, when I got back to Connecticut, that I’d come full circle. Maybe it’s time to do a circle and a half?

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