Changing Direction….What, Again?

Well, it’s 9:30 EST on Sunday night, I’m tired, so it’s the perfect time to write a blog post. It seems my most jumbled thoughts come pouring out of my brain…I can never know what…and that’s what’s entertaining.

However, the title of this takes a bit of explanation. I was taking a course on goal setting, and I set the goal of making $20, 000 a year in selling artwork within 5 years. Seems like a reasonable goal, yes? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

Yes, it still seems over the rainbow.

What’s the hold up? Going through this exercise of goal setting, I understood more and more what’s holding me back. It’s the logic..

A. People buy drawing to hang on walls

B. Many people like my work, but don’t buy it to hang on their walls.

C. Sometimes, people can’t afford to buy original artwork on their walls, much as they might like to.

D. Sometimes, people have the money, but just don’t have the space to hang it. Either that, or it doesn’t fit their décor.

So, where does this leave me? Seeking once again, a new direction. So, I’m starting to approach interior designers. At least it’s worth a try. It seems better than hoping to be discovered.

Here’s my latest drawing. Don’t know what to title it. I already have a drawing called “Blizzard’. Maybe “Blizzard 2”. Pretty unimaginative.

Back to success as an artist. The old excuses, or maybe their accurate, but not useful, are “you have to be in the right place at the right time’”, or “it’s a matter of who you know”. It seems that if you spend your time in as many places as possible, at as many times as you can answers the first dilemma, and meeting as many people as you can fixes the second. But with where and when and who, when do you get enough time to do your art? Both examples seem to crash and burn.

Over the rainbow again.

So, interior designers sound like a possibility. They’re decorating houses that need to be decorated anyway, for people who have money.

So, wish me well.

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