January 9, Midmorning

Finally the holiday decorations are disappearing. They’re gone from the mall, they’re gone from Main Street. In fact, the only place that still has Christmas lights left, is the house of our neighbor across the street. He’ll take then down around Valentines day. I suppose that’s not a really big thing to complain about, but he does run his lawnmower crack of 8am in the summer, too.

So life is a nice, grey wintertime.

There’s a certain challenge to making drawing of interest, hopefully beauty in the dismal month of January. Unless you have a very nice snowfall, that is, and the snow gets dirty and slushy fast.

Winter beaches can be beautiful, and quite romantic.

I could go on.


16×20 inch light resistant colored pencil drawing on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Matted to 20 x24 inches for easy framing. Postage in free in the United States.


2 responses to “January 9, Midmorning”

  1. Rosemary S Cantali Avatar
    Rosemary S Cantali


    I really love the snowfall and the trees! Exceptional display of your passion for art!

    1. Thanks so much! This comment slipped through my fingers. Thanks for being patient with the delay

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