Father and Child

Happy January 2nd! As some of you know,, I observe this day, by not celebrating. It’s the first day after the damned holiday season. I enjoy the peace and quiet. May you, too.

Buh Bye!

But the serious point of this blog’s post is “Father and Child”. There have been a lot of mother and child artworks, but not father and child. That is unless you count Michelangelo’s picture of God reaching out to Adam.

There are so many times when a father and child subject matter is appropriate. What about widowed fathers? Divorced fathers with custody? Same sex relationships with two fathers? How about families where the father is the more emotionally available and nurturing than the mother is?

“Father and Child”, for all the underappreciated male parents everywhere.

A little bit about this drawing, now. There’s a bus stop outside my window. Actually, there’s two, one for the city bus, and one for the school bus.

The larger picture is from the school bus stop, but you guessed that didn’t you, you smart people?

There’s a lot of ideas for drawings at the school bus stop. In fact, there was one of a lot of middle school children waiting in the sun, with shadows behind them. I was going to draw it when I realized it seemed a lot like a scene in the movie, “City of Angels”, where the angels stand out on the beach in the early morning, listening to the Voice of God. I wouldn’t want to plagiarize, you know?

Here’s to a happy, and especially healthier New Years. May 2022 treat all of you well.

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