• Once Again

    Once Again

    I’m stuck. I’m stuck because I can’t think of a full-sized drawing to do. My life had been filled with non-art things, so I just did notecards for something artistic to do. Now that life has settled down for a while, I’m ready to do something full-sized. But I’m stuck. So, here are the notecards…

  • Father and Child

    Father and Child

    Happy January 2nd! As some of you know,, I observe this day, by not celebrating. It’s the first day after the damned holiday season. I enjoy the peace and quiet. May you, too. Buh Bye! But the serious point of this blog’s post is “Father and Child”. There have been a lot of mother and…



    The week between Christmas and New Years is a little surreal to me. It’s a regular week, but it’s not, it’s time in limbo. Real, but out of the ordinary, like files in the Cloud. There have been better holiday weeks, than this in 2020. It’s been a rough year, for everyone. People are looking…

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