Quoth the Raven, “You’re Giving Me a Bad Rap”.

One thing about Danbury…there’s lots of crows.  It kind of freaked me out at first, I usually associate them with death.  I also tend to, when living in NYC, associate crows as one of the only birds that would be around in the winter, to pick at garbage.  It’s not a compelling subject matter.

Once a long time ago, in another  condo complex, in another city in Connecticut, I found a woman caring for a crow.  I was a bit surprised, but she told me the crow had broken his wing and she had nursed him back to health.  Since she had the same associations with crows as I do, she looked up (in days prior to Google) crow’s behavior, and was quite impressed.  Among other things, they care for their elderly.

So, enough about stereotypes.  Crows Rule!  Here’s the sketch20151216_162452

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