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Something To Crow About

Although, I’m most fond of cats, as everyone knows, I also love crows.

Oops, sorry, my mistake, that’s not a crow.

Anyway, while I was browsing through Facebook, a suggestion for a group came up. It was about loving crows and their ilk.

Oh, no, that’s not a crow, either. I could redo it as a crow….but nah.

The group has a lot of crow art in it, as you might imagine. While I was posting my various crow pictures…….

I realize I’ve done only crows during the dark time of the year, autumn and winter. It’s summer now, I still see crows around, I don’t hear them, though. They’re also still beautiful. So, why have I not done a summer crow?

Here’s one last crow. It’s a notecard, and based in fall. I figure it would be good for a Halloween greeting.

I used to have a little poem of personal meaning I’d use when I was a teenager, first heading into New York City. It was:

The differences of, Pigeons and Doves.

I’ve updated the poem to:

Who knows? Between Ravens and Crows.


Here’s That Damned Crow Again

Off topic for a moment, and if anyone one of you is a great interpreter of dreams, input is most welcome.

I have a recurring dream.  I walk in a strange gallery somewhere, and find that my artwork is hanging there.  Surprise to me!  However, it’s in a style of mine that is old, and I don’t really work like that now.  As a matter of fact, in the dream are a lot of drawings that I don’t remember doing.

I have but one example of that old style.  Forgive the quality of the picture, it was taken with an old, not so smart, film camera….way back in the day.  I wish I had more of these drawing…but various moves and such, all but two are gone.

Back to the subject of galleries, which is much on my mind these days.  As I entered some drawings into the Bott Shoppe show, the owner of the gallery told me what sells the most are small accent pictures, and big statement pictures.  Not as much call for my modest, medium sized drawings.

So, I was researching into making a statement picture out of “Floral Overload”.  Can’t you just see this at five foot by five?

So, the main problem is finding a surface to work on. I found something that would work, but at $140.00 plus tax and shipping.  Someday maybe, but not real soon.

So, that leaves me with accent pictures.  Thinking about my old style hangs so proudly in dream galleries, I decided to experiment.

So, here’s that damned crow, again.

Hurray! I Got Rejected!

I finally bit the bullet, and sent out an application to a gallery.  I got a polite note back, saying my work was not a fit for the gallery.  Also, the note said, that my information would be kept on file, in case there was a change. (Yeah, right?)

So, why “Hurray!”?  I’m celebrating that I got past my fear of rejection, and actually tried.  You know what?  It wasn’t that bad.  I felt a pang of disappointment, but that was gone, within 10 minutes.

However, back to the subject…..birds. Or more precisely, crows.  I’ve fallen in love with crows now that I’ve moved back to Connecticut.  In New York City, they were noisy scavengers, who tore apart garbage bags.  In other words, a general nuisance.

But here, they’re beautiful.  They’re the only birds I could see that braved the snowfall.  Their flight is graceful, and their presence is formidable.

So, Windback Wednesday….here’s a visit to a drawing I made about a year ago, when I was coming to terms with winter in Connecticut.

Not quite a murder

The collective noun for crows is a murder.  I have only two here.  To be called a murder, I think it would need to have a lot more.  But, who’s counting?

(I’m leaving for a moment to hang my head in shame.  Short of sleep, I resorted to the easiest form of humor, a bad pun.  I’m truly sorry).

Back again.  I’ve been conversing with a reader about animals that mate for life.  Sometimes, I think I should have a Jungian psychiatrist look at my work.  Mating for life; and crows?  Must mean something.




This looks pretty true to the mood of view outside my kitchen window on a foggy morning.  I like it.


I feel a cat drawing coming on.  Meet Pumpkin.


Quoth the Raven, “You’re Giving Me a Bad Rap”.

One thing about Danbury…there’s lots of crows.  It kind of freaked me out at first, I usually associate them with death.  I also tend to, when living in NYC, associate crows as one of the only birds that would be around in the winter, to pick at garbage.  It’s not a compelling subject matter.

Once a long time ago, in another  condo complex, in another city in Connecticut, I found a woman caring for a crow.  I was a bit surprised, but she told me the crow had broken his wing and she had nursed him back to health.  Since she had the same associations with crows as I do, she looked up (in days prior to Google) crow’s behavior, and was quite impressed.  Among other things, they care for their elderly.

So, enough about stereotypes.  Crows Rule!  Here’s the sketch20151216_162452