As I was saying, “What the heck was I saying?”

As I recall, I was either calling this drawing, “Embracing My Inner Kitten” or “Portrait of the Artist as a Kitten”.  Anyway, it is a drawing of a kitten.  In a window.  Here’s a work in progress:



It seems as if I was doing this back in the dark ages of my soul.  Okay, no dark ages,really, I just liked the sound of it.  I understand the drawing is a bit confusing, I’ll explain the idea at the end.  Of course, I know where the kitten is, not sure if the viewer can.  And that’s how it should be.

The dark ages?  My off-the-web life has been busy.  I started a new job, and I went to a women’s gathering in Kansas. I’m back now, and back to work.

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