Well, so much for that…..

Making Peace with January?  Well, this version has been relegated to the pile of abandoned projects with the hope that I will see hope in taking it up again.  Or at least I hope.

Anyway, while I’ve been working on it, the moody sunsets you only get in the wintertime have been attracting me. Unlike the red, pink glorious sunsets you get in the summer with the contrast of muted dark green…these sunsets have a subdued personality.  If they were people they’d be introverted seekers.  I think my imagination is running away with itself.

I know I’ve shown this lately, but it gives the idea of what I have in mind.  It’s one of the Christmas cards I made, and I see possibilities in it (apart from the cutsie animal, which I still haven’t determined what it is).


Planning on making it a little more urban.  But I hope you get the idea.

2 responses to “Well, so much for that…..”

  1. no project left behind

    1. Yes, but sometimes I think you have to give the idea space, when you get discouraged. Time and a fresh eye can work wonders.

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