Better Late……

Finished the Mardi Gras drawing, and renamed it “We went to the Mardi Gras”.  That’s because, not only is there a not-so-recent drawing of myself in it, I managed to sneak the man in my life, Richard, into it too.



So, what’s next?   I’m planning a drawing for the raffle at “Pony Rides for a Purpose”.  It will be a new take on a winged horse. 

Also, found a new worthy cause.

Art for ALD

The idea is that as many artists as possible do a painting of a 4″x4″ canvas to be sold for $56.  The pictures are only to be signed on the back…this project has some celebrities participating, and the organizers want it to be a surprise to the buyers.   So, I won’t post the picture here, only a link to the website, and you can guess.  I don’t have an idea yet, and I’m not sure what medium I’m going to use…maybe time to break out those oil paint sticks that I bought but never used.

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