A little diversion

January is coming along fine, despite the fact that it is now, February. What is taking me a lot of time is that for snow, I’m having to do little dots, dots and more dots. Not the big overwhelming kind I did in the original. It is time consuming. While I’m doing this, I’m trying to make it an exercise in mindfulness.

But I took a bit of a break, today, to work on the drawing for my friend’s charity “Pony Rides for Jessica”. You may recall, I started this project for my friend’s daughter’s memorial for a young girl who was slaughtered at the Newtown Massacre in 2012. The idea is to give a chance to underprivileged children to go to horse riding camp.

Here’s where the drawing stands now:

jessicahorse002 (2)

There is an event scheduled for May 4, in which I will be selling items with this image on it. I am considering adding a cloud in the background. I also will be doing quick-sketch portraits, with the money going to this charity, as well as the money from the sale of the items. I’ll keep you posted on details such as time, location.

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