We Were Alll Healers

In the aftermath of 9/11, with exception of hate mongering towards innocent Muslims, and some scammers, we all set about healing. I worked in Grand Central Terminal in the market at the time, and I noticed the difference in the customers’ attitudes. Whereas before, they would be distant and sometimes picky, now they seemed to value humans more. Volunteers came from all over the country, and there were volunteers to take care of the volunteers. Donations poured in in the millions.

There are two streams of thought about sharing the good you’ve done. Some say you have to “toot your own horn”. Then there is the “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. So, I will simply say, I did my part.

Which brings me to the picture I’m working on. I’m a little puzzled about how to handle the trees. At sunset, you really only see the sillhouette of the trees, but somehow, just dark blobs don’t do it. So, here it stands, now.


3 responses to “We Were Alll Healers”

  1. Bush imagine about it, that muslim is actor, but…that tru or lie

    1. I can’t figure out a word you’re saying.

  2. I’m sorry of my comment, but that is good picture!

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