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This is not my Photograph

Fabulous Photo

I found this on Google Earth, and it’s credited to Jan Prosek.  I’ve been trying to seek out a website or a link to his work, to give him proper credit. It’s fantastic.  I have artist envy.

I also wish I could find a way to paste the image in, rather just link it.

In other news, my wrist has gotten to the point where I can very gently do some artwork. I’m still too fragile to do large projects, so I’m working on Christmas cards.  Yes, I know it’s February, but I want to have an inventory by October.  I plan on doing a show then, and yes, they’re something that actually sells,.



Like this one.

While I’ve had this right-handless problem, I’ve been going over the past, drawings I did of NYC.


Going back to the glamorous days of working in the gift shop of the Metropolitan Museum of  Art.  Lots of great perks, but I really, I mean really hated the job.

Scan_20151207 (2)

Speaking of both the Met and Christmas cards, this is the card I did of the Angel Tree.


For day jobs, I worked twice in Grand Central Terminal.  One of them was in the Market, at a little shop called Adriana’s Caravan.  It was the most interesting jobs I ever held.  Totally loved it, part of a great team. The store had a good following, too.


Visiting gorgeous lofts.  This one  was in Tribeca.


And having a skyline view to sketch from my studio window.

Yes, sometimes I miss New York.  Our first night when we moved into Manhattan, we said “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”.  It was an exciting time,  but all the excitement wasn’t good. I was there for 9/11,for instance. Also  trying to navigate the crowds on 5th Avenue on Black Friday put an anxious lump in my throat.  Not to mention the subways……………..


So, I guess I’m back in Kansas, or Connecticut as it is.  There’s no place like home,





All together now!

As I’ve started this drawing of Grand Central Terminal, another memory of September 11 came to mind.   As many people were  reported missing, posters went up all over looking for missing loved ones.  Eventually, the Terminal put up a wall, at first as a place  to post searches, and unfortunately, it became a memorial.  On anniversaries, birthdays, people would place flowers in lieu of an actual grave. 



Many memories of Grand Central Terminal are coming back.  At my new job, where  I am training, one young man declared “Grand Central is where employees go to die”.  I hope not, I treasure the place so.   Memories about of how, as a young art student, I would come into New York from Connecticut, and Grand Central would meet me.  Of course, it was a dangerous, dirty place back then, but it was still my link.

I’ve worked on the 5×7 sketch.  I decided to keep the woman in the same proportion as she is in the photo….without doing that, the drawing had no strong focal point.  I also plan to keep it low-key and watercolor-like, since in the morning, the Main Concourse is bathed in light.   Here’s the sketch.Image

We Were Alll Healers

In the aftermath of 9/11, with exception of hate mongering towards innocent Muslims, and some scammers, we all set about healing. I worked in Grand Central Terminal in the market at the time, and I noticed the difference in the customers’ attitudes. Whereas before, they would be distant and sometimes picky, now they seemed to value humans more. Volunteers came from all over the country, and there were volunteers to take care of the volunteers. Donations poured in in the millions.

There are two streams of thought about sharing the good you’ve done. Some say you have to “toot your own horn”. Then there is the “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”. So, I will simply say, I did my part.

Which brings me to the picture I’m working on. I’m a little puzzled about how to handle the trees. At sunset, you really only see the sillhouette of the trees, but somehow, just dark blobs don’t do it. So, here it stands, now.


Cheerful Drawing of a Somber Subject

I did the small color sketch of “September 10”, and as I look at it, it seems awfully cheerful.  I did put in the World Trade Center Solstice as I had planned.  It came out colorful and happy.  Maybe that’s the way it should be…we were all so innocent then, and in a few  hours, that would end.

As I recall about the time leading up to September 11, the main news story was the disappearance of a Congressional intern, Chandra Levy.  That’s about all I remember.  The next day eclipsed all memories of what went before.

So, here’s the sketch of “September 10”Image

A Healing Peace….

Tiger in the Jungle is coming along nicely, but not enough progress to warrant a pic at this point. As I’m working at it, I already know what my next picture will be.

The anniversary of September 11 just passed. I wanted last spring to do something healing for the people affected by it, by drawing the new Freedom Tower. However, looking at my FB page, I realized many people, especially in the NYC area, are still processing the trauma.

So, for them, I’m doing a picture based on this photo my boyfriend took many years ago from our picture window. I remember the smoke rising from the empty area in the sky where this view used to be, and the smell of burning plastic wafting across the river.

So, here’s the photo reference, for September 10.569