Beep-a-beep-beep, Yeah!!!!

More Beetlemania. I was trying to come up with a title for this, and all l could think of was: beep-a-beep-beep, yeah! I just couldn’t remember where I had heard that.

Of course, that’s a line from the Beatle’s “Baby, You Can Drive My Car”. I was going to title this “Relic in the Driveway”, but beep-a-beep-beep yeah sounds like more fun.

So, I’m loading this drawing twice..first, as the featured picture, where you have to scroll and scroll to see the whole drawing, and here, in a more reasonably sized format. One of the things that annoy me is that I have to do that. For more things that annoy me, stay tuned.

As for the next drawing. As I mentioned before, I may not finish this for some time.

It’s made from a really tiny photo of my partner as a toddler, playing records. My partner actually grew up to be a mobile dj. I just thought it was a cute connection.

As I said before, stay tuned.

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