This is a drawing about a beetle. No, not a Beatle, and I can guess your age if you thought that.

Specifically, a Volkswagen Beetle. I’d been thinking about drawing a car, right?

Cars aren’t as easy to draw as I thought they’d be. Here’s the first sketch.

I wanted it to be white, so that the daisies would show up well, but by some weird chance, the Beetle turned out purple. I’m not sure how that happened, but happen, it did.

I tried again. I’m just not pleased with this, but it is white. At least I got that right.

At this point, I was emboldened to try a rough sketch of the finish. Let’s say, very rough and very sketchy. Did I use “emboldened ” correctly?

So, I’ve started on the finish of the finish. I thought at this point I would have completed the drawing, but somehow the day got away from me. I ended up making homemade pasta sauce instead. Here’s the progress on the Volkswagen at this point.

The Beetle is as finished as I think it’s going to get. Now the background, which usually is easy, but this time?

I have my doubts.

To see more of my work, go to

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