Here’s A Little Story

And it goes like this…

Okay, I lied. It’s not much of a story, it’s a blog post about my latest drawing.

I’m coming to the end of my winter art, and my quarantine. I’m not sure what February will bring, artwise, but I do know I’ll have my foot up and ice on my knee.

So, this is the most recent: “The Observer”.

February. It’s one of my favorite months. That’s not because it’s particularly beautiful, or Valentines Day. It’s because the return of daylight is definitely visible, and Spring is on it’s way.

“Groundhog Day”.

If you were expecting a portrait of Bill Murray, my apologies.

The backstory of “The Observer”, for my friend who likes backstories.

This is a drawing, once again, of a building in the complex in which I live. I like to look out the window, to see the circus of life in front. I like to look out the window so much, that people have noticed. I get people waving at me and an occasional finger. Not much of a backstory, but there it is.

Ah, looking forward to Spring!

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