Love Shack, Baby!

Ok, I’m wrong, my devotion to the B52’s not withstanding. It’s a love nest.

My friend looked at it and said ” You must have been a little squirrely when you drew this. “. Another friend chimed in, “No, she was just plain nuts!”.

Well, so much for my friends. It is a squirrels’ nest. I realized later that squirrels nests seem to be on high branches and near the tip. I put the nest in the perfect place for a preditor to attack.

So, will I do it over again? No, too much work. Write it off to artistic license, or in this case, artistic laziness.

Ah, November. My least favorite month of the year. My only good day is Thanksgiving, when I can cook all day, do nothing else, and have somebody else do the dishes. Paradise!

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