Hello Darkness and All the Rest of my Friends

Well the story goes like this. I’ve been having a string of sleepless nights, and then, I realized one night it was dark. I hadn’t been really conscious of it, but with the thinning of the veil, the approach of Halloween, or Samhain as I observe, it really sank in. The darkness.

So, this is an ode to darkness.

Going back several years ago and then some, I drew this. It’s my best dark drawing.

That’s my favorite piece of night. I have others.

Sometimes I look at these, and wonder what the hell was I thinking? Also, somehow, I feel I never did such powerful work again.

So, more darkness.

I guess this is my version of “Starry Night”. Somehow, I guess Van Gogh has me beat.

Darkness comes in all seasons, although it’s a lot prettier in some.

Darkness can be abstract and mysterious…..or just plain scary.

And then….for twenty years of my life, I live her, which gloried in the dark.

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