Here’s a thought. I’m getting behind on my artwork, due to other stuff going on. Still, I felt the need to do something.

So, I had this great idea! Okay, maybe not a great idea, but at least an idea.

Why not post the drawings of mine that I like. I like, but, for some odd reason, other people don’t seem exactly thrilled with.

As in the above. “Floral Overload “. Flowers. How can people not like flowers?

Still, it seems to be nobody’s favorite, except my own.

I liked this idea. In fact, I think it’s pretty cool. However, no one else seems to be all that hot about it.

Another one, I thought was bright and bold. The reception was pretty week. .

This one, I can’t guess. I really thought this multi species drawing would be a hit.

In stead, it was a miss. Or a strike out.

As with everyone, artists have disappointments. Here’s to future success!

See more at http://roxannebaldwingallery.com

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