Let’s Make That Plane

Ok, yes, a pun. Sometimes I just run out of imagination for these titles.

So, I’ve been doing my small drawings, and I got stuck on the subject of small aircraft. The story is this:

I was working on a drawing of clouds, which turned out horribly. But, as with small aircraft, I got stuck on the subject of clouds.

Still, I decided to go back to the subject I was working on before, except! You guessed it. I put in a small plane.

I know it’s hard to see, but it’s there, I promise.

I didn’t like the fact that the plane is almost invisible, so I went on to do this:

I didn’t like this either. It looks like a child’s book illustration. Then it dawned on me. YOU CAN’T SEE THE COLORS OF A PLANE FROM THE GROUND!

So, I took an old drawing of clouds that I thought was pretty boring….

And did this:

Here, the idea looks better, except the fact that the plane looks as if it’s heading for a crash landing.

So, that being settled, I realized I do want to do a full-size drawing. I just want to put the plane in a better location. I’m not sure how to handle the clouds…but I’ll do the plane first. After all, my motto is “Do what you know first”.

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