Well, Dang!

Remember this truck? I’ll bet you do, I think it was only the last post. Anyway, the point being, was that I was raving and hollering about how there was a recession coming up and I was only going to do small, inexpensive drawings.

And then it happened…….


No ideas came to me for any small drawing, so I had no choice except to do a large one. So, once again, this darn truck………full sized.

Oh. I can see things wrong with it. For instance, I wish I had made the plant in the truck bed a full grown tree. But it was much more satisfying to do.

The woman on YouTube who started me on the tirade also mentioned that if you’re not practicing doing your art, you fall behind on your skills. That I believe, considering the fate of my bicycle drawing. Looking at what’s left of it again, perhaps it may be resurrected.

I have been busy with preparing for art business though…..I’m actually on Instagram! Also, I have an Etsy shop.

Have I gotten into the 21st Century or what?

Yes, what.

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