What to do if You’re Stranded in Space

Near the Creative Black Hole, naturally.

I’ve got a couple of strategies for getting through inspiration less time. One is, don’t forget your sense of humor…do something crazy and fun that you wouldn’t otherwise.

And/or……go back to an old idea that you haven’t been able to quite get right.

When I used to visit New York City, I’d be in awe of these sudden flights of pigeons…..flocks erupting into the sky with energy and grace. It was like a ballet, say, “Swan Lake” but with different birds. I tried to catch it in pencil and paper, cursing the fact that I was not an animator.

First Example:

I fell in love with New York City while I was in high school.

But yet, I didn’t quite get the drawing right…..so, I trimmed it down to just one bird:

Still not getting it.

Of course, while I was living in New York City, I felt no awe in the sudden flight of pigeons. My thoughts were along the line of “Are they going to get in my way?”, or “Are they going to unload on me?”.

But it’s a different time, now. I’m in stuck in a rut and I’ll try it again, with humor, this time. Don’t have a decent name for this yet, but:

I had fun doing this. It was a great way to spend a grey, snowy Saturday. I’m not quite sure I’ve accomplished my aim here, and I still am fighting with lack of inspiration, otherwise.


5×7 inch light resistant colored pencil drawing on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Drawing is matted to 8×10 inches for easy framing. Postage is free in the United States, contact for international shipping.


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