The Creative Black Hole

I’m having trouble creating. I have nada ideas, right now. Not serious, at this point I know. Maybe I haven’t been getting enough sleep, maybe I’m a little stressed about getting together an interior design presentation, or maybe I’m trying to hard to lose weight and I’m depriving myself of necessary nutrition. Could be any combination there of, or all.

I have another idea, though. It’s a short story. Some devious government, scared of the power of artist, musicians, writers and other creative sorts, awarded the best with a trip into outer space! So, unknowingly to themselves, a plan was being hatched by the evil government. The spaceship was sent near a black hole. Since ideas are energy, the creative ideas went into the black hole, never to return. Other than this, the space voyagers were returned to Earth unscathed. Except, they were unable to create anything any more.

So, I have made some progress in the presentation.

I’ve narrowed down the drawings I will print and send out

I’d been ashamed that after all this time, I didn’t have a personal style. After looking at these, I realize I do. Having gotten that off my chest, thanks, I feel better.

Back to the Black Hole.

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