Believe it or Not!

Yes, a dog. I’m not known for drawing dogs. But sometimes…

This is the dog picture I’m most known for:

January 2nd

It’s been a long journey to bring you “Ember and Binkie”. It was a journey on bus to the Midwest, which is not for the feint of heart. I mean the bus ride, not the Midwest.

So, through pouring rain, blocked toilets, illicit smoke of all sorts, boring bus stations, etc…I made it to and from Iowa, to visit my friend for Halloween.

As I have mentioned in a prior post…dogs seem to be afraid of me. People suggested that I love cats so much, dogs see me as a huge, feline, bully.

My friend’s dog, Ember, had the same reaction as first. Finally she got the idea that I wasn’t a dog eating monster, and in fact, wasn’t so bad after all.

So, here it is…… \

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