As I Said……

Chairs represent people, too.

The featured painting, of course, is not created by me. If you’re reading my blog, you probably know this work of art is credited to Vincent Van Gogh. It’s a self portrait, illustrated by his chair.

I’ve done a few portraits that are chairs:

This is my former landlords chair. I look at this, I always think of him. Back in time, coming out of an artist’s slump, this was one of the first drawings I did.

My landlord would sit in this chair, a little bleary from having drunk a Michelob . There he’d watch the birds, the feral cats, and hear the sounds of children playing. This annoyed him no end. As you can guess, he was kind of a grumpy old fella.

A chair can also represent a cozy, comfy paradise, too. Yes, I did a series of paradise pictures, in more naïve times.

Also, this:

This is the drawing I just completed.

It’s a drawing of my partner’s mother, who passed away a few years ago, Death on a bright, spring day, always seems a little odd.

But, Dorothy wasn’t particularly fond of cats, I am. So, artist’s license.

I doubt I’ll do a full sized drawing of this. I’m pretty pleased with the little drawing, and don’t feel energetic about doing it over. So, there.


Dorothy’s Chair

6×4 inch lightfast colored pencil drawing on archival 100% cotton rag paper. It’s matted to 8×10 inches, for easy framing. Postage in the USA, is included in the price.


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