the cat came back

There’s an old jingle

“The cat came back, she wouldn’t stay away,

She was sitting on the porch on the very next day.”

The horrible things they did to that cat, to get rid of her, and she kept coming back. I’m not sure where I heard this old song, maybe during folk music days, but it stayed with me.

Of course, a cat you thought you had lost, coming back is sometimes a good thing.

In the case of “String Theory”, I was sure I had forfeited this drawing forever, having not been able to pick it up in time after a show.

An unfortunate sign of these COVID-19 times, the art shop I displayed this in, had to close. I found out the drawing was still there and picked it up. So sad, that so many small and unique businesses, weren’t able to get through this. And so sad for the owners, and the employees.

For me, I’m still finding my way doing pictures of people. Well….the longest journey starts out with a single step, to paraphrase I don’t have a clue who said that.


In Flight

LIghtfast colored pencil drawing on archival cotton rag paper. Unframed. Free shipping in the USA


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