upside down and all around

Or…..just what was I thinking?

I had this brilliant idea, or at least I thought was a brilliant idea, to take a large picture that didn’t turn so well, and create a do-over on a small scale. Now that I think of it, it was a pretty flawed idea in the first place.

But trudge on , I did………….

This is the original, “35”.

And this is the redo…….

But then, aren’t we all a little flawed?

Anyways, I discovered that working backwards from large to little, isn’t really all that easy. In a large drawing you have room for all those juicy, delicious details. You have to choose what to through out, what to keep.

That reminds me of the move we made from one apartment that we had stayed in (and accumulated stuff in) for 16 years. What is worth moving, what should we just dump? I’m sure everyone has had something like that………….it’s damned hard!

So this is how it turned out.

Here’s one, though, that I thought was better smaill. It had a more striking composition than this:

I bet though, if I had turned around and did it small to big…well, lets just say I’ve learned a new lesson in creating artwork. Yes, you can teach this old bitch new tricks.

Here’s another that I had difficulty interpreting large…

But I do like it..

Hey! I just realized I’m showing summer drawings! I’m moving way too fast. Let’s enjoy spring for while, until the thermometers go up.


Blatant self advertising;

Available for sale:

Reproduction, Cloud Over Greenwich

An 18 x 24 inch full color reproduction, unframed and unmatted. Shipping in the USA included. Last of a series of 200.


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