Man, dog, phone and parrot

I finally got around to it! The Parrotman! Faster than a speeding bullet…oh, you get the idea.

A lot of detail that was almost impossible to do in such a small format, that I most likely do a full-sized one.

And for you dog lovers, it even has a dog!

Now I remember why I don’t do people too often.

They’re time consuming. And getting them just right is frustrating.

Also, they’re easily dated, by the clothes they wear.

As in this, “Prewar”. I thought I was drawing something timeless…and a friend said “It’s so 90’s. “. OOooops. I guess not. As always, I’m showing my age.

January 2nd

Dogs are a lot easier. Much easier to please, too.

Here’s a blatant advertisement:

Available for Sale

The Other Side of the Milky Way

Available at Small Stuff 2

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