One of the more exciting things I’ve done since I’ve posted, is become a Grumbacher art instructor at Michael’s.  Okay, maybe I’ve mentioned it before….but for real!  I actually got some students!  Weather permitting, I’ll be giving a class in acrylics tomorrow night.

We’re having a snowstorm right now, and the temperature will be dropping to single digits tomorrow night.  It might still be hazardous out in the wilds of Connecticut.

One thing that has changed in the Grumbacher classes, is that now I have to get certified to do watercolor.  I haven’t painted in watercolor in more years than I would like to admit.  Suffice it to say, I was in art school, and have since sacrificed my watercolor paintings to convenience.  Carrying a portfolio of all your artwork move after move, state after state, is a hassle.

So,now, I have to do three samples to get my certification.  The first subject was obvious….Pumpkin sitting in a box, as cats are famous for doing. This is my first watercolor in a long,long time.


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