What I’ve been up to lately…..

I’ve broken my arm.  I was running for a bus, tripped, caught myself with my left hand.  Thanks whoever is out there, it was my left.  But in the meantime, my artwork has slowed considerably.

Yes, but I can surely draw with my right hand, right?  Yes, but….I do my most careful work on carefully cut large paper.which requires two…count’em, two hands.  So, I have been active doing note cards.  I’ve produced very little that was outstanding.  Still, today, I was playing around with a sketch of a rocking chair, just to keep my drawing active.   I came up with something that has some possibilities…..here’s the sketch, and since it’s a sketch it’s pretty rough…but you get the idea.

2 responses to “What I’ve been up to lately…..”

  1. Oh Roxy!! I am SOOOO sorry to hear you broke your arm, how awful!! Are you feeling ok? When did this happen??

  2. About three weeks ago, after leaving work. I’ll be okay, it hurts a bit but could have been worse. A week from today, I have a follow-up with the orthopedist, hopefully, it will be healed. Thanks for your concern, Rosemary….miss you

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