Draw, Draw, Draw!

I’m drawing.  Some of my friends are out protesting, some of my friends are scared.  Some of my friends are depressed and crying.  Some of my friends are frankly puzzled that others would have such a reaction to losing an election.  Some of my friends are strangely silent….

I’m checking my privilege.  I’m a white, straight woman past child-bearing age.  I do care about the people who are worried about being bullied and injured.  So, I continue to draw Holiday Cards…

Fortunately, I don’t have to draw anything I don’t want to, or don’t agree with.  The card I’m showing is quickly sketched, and I hope to do it better later.  It’s a rough …

I looked to see who originated this quote.  Honestly, I remember first seeing it in a Peanuts comic.  Research tells me, that it was Eleanor Roosevelt.  It seems also fitting, very fitting…right now, this holiday season.img002

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