Let’s Get Small!

I’ve worked in the same size for finished drawings since the 1980’s.  In those days, I would do copy after copy until my frustration limit, or until I got the drawing as I wanted it.  Truthfully, I mostly compromised between those two points.  It would take maybe five efforts, and I managed to complete only about four drawings in a year.

No, sixteen by twenty inches doesn’t seem that large, when you consider the vast size of much modern art these days.  However, sad to say, my frustration limit has declined, and my work is not as carefully done as it had been.  When you start repeating your work towards the approach of perfection, it’s damned big.

So, I’m starting to work at eight by ten inches, and it’s a much easier size to deal with, photograph and sell.

So, finally I present something new: Murmuration


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