Back to Paradise….and a Work in Progress.

As i recall, one of my first attempts at healing through art was to create drawings of various paradises.  Here’s an example of one of themnewgarden002_thumb.jpg

Of course, like so many of my series pictures…I got totally bored with the idea before I had done too many, and quit.  Am I a quitter, then?  Maybe, but usually I quit because more intriguing and meatier ideas came up, instead.  Seemed like a good trade off at the time.  And you know what?  It still seems as if it was a good trade off, now.

But, despite grumblings on my part of missing certain elements of New York City, in my more day to day living, I feel once again, as if I have been plopped right down into the middle of paradise.  There is so much to explore: Fronds from wetlands, lovely silhouetted crows in the morning fog, sunlight glinting off of web like branches…it will be a long time before I run dry for ideas.  Maybe, as I myself heal, I will once again be creating a paradise series, just by default, because that’s what I feel surrounding me.

As for the beginning of another paradise series?  Here’s the work in progress for the winter themed artwork I am doing, with the intention of maybe making a holiday card out of it next year.  But, as I draw it, I see little glimpses of a utopia in the composition.  And so, it grows.


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