A Respite

Two whole days off from a wild, emotional roller-coaster of a Christmas rush in retail. One of the aspects of the roller-coaster? The managers of the store being threatened by the family of a terminated employee. Did I say I wanted a job without drama?

Anyway, the most recreational thing I can do for myself (besides giving lavish attention to my boyfriend), is to do something creative…..yes, I’m actually starting a drawing during the holiday season. The view of the skyline from my picture window at night just keeps nagging at my mind….so once again, I will try to interpret it. More abstractly this time, with out the idea that these are buildings, but just shapes of light. Here’s the ref:skyline

And, as promised: the postcards that I have done for Christmas…all mailed and received.




And, if I don’t get back to this blog before then, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

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