Back to the Grind….

Well, break’s over. I am soon to start a paying job. I still plan to have a both on the street somewhere, but not the same investment in time as I had thought, at least for now. If it becomes really profitable to do so, I’ll reevalutate later.

But for now, a steady paycheck, and back in Grand Central Terminal. That brings me to the idea for my next drawing. In a lot of spiritual pictures, the pouring in of sunshine, is a metaphor for joy, or what have you. Usually, it’s through a church window. But what of people who are spiritual that have no set religion? For this I offer this image….which I will work from.


OMG, I couldn’t find the photo…so here’s a picture of my boyfriend playing with a cat. Guess I’ll have plenty of time to take that picture again.

In the meantime, “Sunset, September 10”, is turned over, waiting for my fresh eye to complete it.


Edit: Found the picture.



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