Next Work in Progress, Freedom Tower in Spring, and an artist’s frustrations

Just to let those of you know who might be interested,  the 5×7 sketch of “Freedom Tower”, is now on Ebay:

I have continued on with the larger version.  Here’s where it is now.


I’m having fun with this.  There was a time when art wasn’t fun for me.

I probably did my best work in the 1980’s, but, boy, did I sweat bullets doing it.  You see, after all my success in high school, I felt sure the art world would welcome  me with open arms, only to find thousands of competitors with the same idea.  My first experience sending out slides was a failure.  So, I decided to try harder.

I sharpened my drawing skills, thanks to the book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, a book I wholeheartedly recommend.  Then I decided I would do work that was IMPORTANT.  It was very detailed, and if the least thing went wrong, I would discard it.  Many times I would repeat the same work five or more times.

So the time came to send those slides out, this time to juried shows.  Again failure, except for one acceptance.  Each time I sent in an entry, too, it cost money.  The fees started piling up.

I got discouraged, and eventually the work I was doing suffered.  So, in a fit of rage at the art world, I decided to quit art altogether.

Come some years later, I decided to play with acrylics.  I decided to concentrate on the process, instead of the subject.  The result was the Namaste series.  I still don’t know how I feel about the results of that.  Here’s an example.


Finally, once again I got involved in colored pencils.  Subject matter once again appealed to me.   So here I am.

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