Yellow Brick Road

Well, despite leaving this blog unattended, I have been busy.   Here’s the latest.  Somehow, I managed to draw this on the back of a self-portrait without realizing it.   I don’t know if that makes it more or less valuable.yellowbrickroad72

Also accomplished today!  A cake!  Sort of decorated….I’ve got a long way to go.


Well, done some more thinking about what I’d actually like to do with my life.  I would like to leave this world a better place, although I probably said that before.  I think I accomplish some of that at work, just being cheerful and friendly to customers.  Maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll make someone who is having a bad day feel better.  Not saving the world exactly,  but piece by piece, maybe I can do something.

Which brings me back to Paradise.  I doubt that I’ll ever make a living as an artist, and now, I don’t think I want to.  It’s lonely, and worrying about making ends meet without a steady paycheck does not appeal to me.  Not to mention, I’ll always have to make pictures for the market.
Instead, back to these little pictures.  I’ll make them small, but affordable.   Pretty much  making my costs back…..materials and a little for labor.  Maybe, they too, can do something for someone who  needs it.

Little by little.  If everyone did their part, this world would be a paradise.

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