It’s been a cloudy, lazy weekend.  I took advantage, and got some rest.

I have been working on Sunny Chair, though.  It’s evolving.

At one time, I used to start out a picture with an exact idea in mind of what I wanted it to look like, and work towards that.  One thing that I found, is that what works in your imagination, doesn’t necessarily translate well onto paper or canvas.

As I was working on this, for instance, I changed the color scheme to something that I thought would work better.  I thought I would continue with a lavender shadow, and bright yellow surrounding it, the way I had the picture in the sketch.   This is one example of finding something that worked better once I was in the middle of the drawing.

So here it is.  Not the best photo, it’s cloudy out.  I took the picture in incandescent light, which makes a yellow-gray cast to everything.

But, it’s evolving.



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