Doing some hard work

After taking a day off, I’m hard back at work.  I’ve decided to do a large version of Sunny Chair.  This time, because it’s such a simple subject, I decided I would really work with different textures and pencil strokes to create interest.

In this work in progress, you can see I’m starting out with a technique known as circulism, something I don’t normally do.  Instead of making hash marks, you make small circles.  A lot of people use it for portraits, if done right and very delicately, it makes a good texture for skin. 

I did it a little roughly here.  I thought it would be a good way to imply the texture of the upholstery.  It’s time consuming, thank goodness for my ipod!


What is also on my mind…how to explain how satisfying doing artwork is. Often I’ll come back to work after time off, and people will ask how my weekend was.  Well, to tell you the truth, many such times I have spent hours doing artwork.  It makes for a good time for me, but it’s awful to describe as small talk with others.

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