My Tantrum

On Craigslist, I had a little tantrum about the naiveté of people posting.  Some think that actually only posting on Craigslist they will find a gallery (not a vanity gallery), an agent willing to work for a percentage,not an upfront fee, and a patron, in the old sense, of paying you to create with no responsibilities.

I thought some more about my tantrum, and then I realized that the folks posting these ads probably are very young, and just starting their careers.  I realize in my late teens, early twenties, I could have been the one posting those ads.  So, peace.

I don’t regret my own post.  The sooner someone told me I was living in a dream world, the sooner I would have gotten to work doing all the promotion, resume building, etc., that I am finally doing in my fifties.

I did some more work on “Sunny Chair”, and have completed the small version.  I will be doing a larger piece, too, which I have started.

Here’s the finish on the little “Sunny Chair”.  I decided to keep the colors low-key, because in bright sunlight, even the shadows have a lot of light in them.  In my remarks about the problems with photography, one is that shadows will appear black in bright sunlight, even though to the eye they don’t appear that way.




I also am pleased to announce that I will be showing some drawings at the Greenpoint Gallery small works show on  August 3rd.

The location:  390 McGuinness Blvd, 3rd Fl, Brooklyn, NY, 11222 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn near the Pulaski Bridge.

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