“Just Like a Photograph”

Often, intended as a compliment, people will say of an artwork that it looks just like a photograph.  There is a type of artwork called Photorealism that strives to make a painting look like a photograph, but most realistic work is not like that.  A good painting may have photos used as references, but the painting itself goes beyond these…it captures what the eye sees.  Photographs are actually full of distortions, light and shade problems and other faults such as these.  So, “just like a photograph”, is not a compliment.

I don’t have time to do any work today, so on the subject of realism that captures what the eye sees, I thought I’m mention another artist.  I know him from an online forum, and my boyfriend knows him from a different online forum.  Even if that were not the case, I’d consider this man an incredible artist.  His name is Brad Marshall, and here’s a link to his site.

Brad Marshall Art

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