Trying something new

I would like to begin doing live artwork at parties and events.  I would be doing looser drawings, with oil sticks….still having representational elements, but more abstraction.  The problem is, I’ve never done this before….so I am looking for opportunities to do this for travel and material expenses.  It’s good for rock concerts, and fundraisers as well.  This is a limited offer.  If you are interested, contact me at

In the meantime, I’m working a long week at my day job, so I won’t have the proper light to photograph “Tree Top Paradise”.  However, I found a drawing I did a while back, and didn’t like all that well.  When I came across it, I decided it wasn’t all that bad after all.  It’s a close up of one of the cherubs I drew in “Guardians”.  I have no name for it, yet, suggestions are welcome.



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