Back to work and healing art

It’s been a crazy few months since I posted here…holidays, commissions, some personal letdowns and pick-me-ups.  So I’m getting back on target.

As I recall, I was working on “Almost Home”. I have completed this and have gone onto other projects.  Here’s the finish on “Almost Home”


I  have thought a lot more about the aspect of healing and art.  It occurs to me, that if a person really likes a piece of art, and in fact owns it, much time is spent in contemplating it.  The person, in a sense, lives in the painting.  If one is doing that, what is more healing than a perfect environment?

I’m beginning to study the idea of creating paradises in art, as a healing motif.

The first attempt (small, 5×7 inches).


And more to come…..

I should note, that for the time being, my actual website is not functioning properly, all you get is the first page.  I tried to redesign it with new software…only to find this problem, and others are having it, too.  So I’ve contacted technical support…hopefully all will be well, soon.

2 responses to “Back to work and healing art”

  1. Marlene Carapezza Avatar
    Marlene Carapezza

    I like that concept about living in a painting, so making it a paradise.
    I very much like the feel of the Coming Home piece.
    Well done.

    1. thank you. It seems to me that when a painting is on a wall, we spend time looking at it, when we are not even aware we’re doing so. So, it enters the unconscious. If it is a beautiful image, my theory is that it can heal.

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