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Let’s Bring it Down a Notch

It’s been a long time since 2001, and I have a little trouble reconstructing in my mind exactly what the sunsets behind the Twin Towers looked like. So, for inspiration, I turned to Google Images, and found a picture of Manhattanhenge. That’s when the sun lines up perfectly with the streets, so the sun sets between the buildings. Here’s what I found:


As you can see, the colors are less pretty than what I had, and the buildings in front are much darker, and more in silhoutte. So, I’m making the drawing more somber, then the sketch.

One thing that’s obvious from the photograph, is the limitations of the camera, as opposed to the human eye. The camera reads the setting sun as white, whereas to the eye, it’s a glowing orange.

For glowing, I turn to the master, Maxfield Parrish. He managed to make his paintings glow with transparent layer of color over color. I’d love to see one in person, but you can still get the idea from his prints.


So, I will try to duplicate his method, only using thin layer of pencil. Here’s where it stands now, and I’m going to have to do some research to remember the details of the buildings themselves.


Cheerful Drawing of a Somber Subject

I did the small color sketch of “September 10”, and as I look at it, it seems awfully cheerful.  I did put in the World Trade Center Solstice as I had planned.  It came out colorful and happy.  Maybe that’s the way it should be…we were all so innocent then, and in a few  hours, that would end.

As I recall about the time leading up to September 11, the main news story was the disappearance of a Congressional intern, Chandra Levy.  That’s about all I remember.  The next day eclipsed all memories of what went before.

So, here’s the sketch of “September 10”Image

The Meaning of Life is Rain Puddles

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention…..

Here’s an update on “Tiger in the Jungle”. It’s coming out lower key than I intended, but I expect when I go over it with the blender, it will pop. Also, I’m at a very tedious point, the background. It would be good to listen to my iPod during this…but I lost the charger. Dammit.


Also, I did an art show, doing portraits. Had 13 customers. So, I know in the right venue, this works. Here’s my partial set-up.


And, as usual, I’m itching to get started on the new picture. When the Twin Towers were standing, twice a year, the sun would set between them….kind of a World Trade Center Solstice. I once tried to take a picture of that with a film camera, and a zoom lens, but it came out terribly blurry. And now, the opportunity is lost forever. *sigh*. But that’s what I intend to do with this drawing.

By the way, I was kidding about the meaning of life being rain puddles. Everyone knows the meaning of life is 42.