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An Idea that Didn’t Make the Cut

Or if you’d rather..an idea that crashed and burned.

It was to be entitled, “One Person’s Trash”.



I saw it sitting, discarded, by the side of the road.  I found it to be cute and interesting. Obviously, someone”s daughter outgrew it.  So far, so good.

But then I started thinking about that little girl, and myself as a little girl.  Also, all the other little girls who fantasized themselves to be princesses, and ended up sadly having to accept that real life is full of disappointments.

I’m sure that goes for little boys, too, and their fantasies.

So, the idea got to be kind of sad…and not what I had intended to portray.

So, back to a theme that gives me sublime joy, the various textures and colors of summer trees.  Like this picture, from long ago:


Everything is on hold for the time being…had to order paper.  It is promised to be here by August 19, so stay tuned.

Even Endless Comes to an End

So, I’ve been working…okay, intermittently working on this drawing.  I was rapt about the possibilities I could use to render the abstract shapes in the leaves.  I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this picture.  No doldrums, no boredom, I was on a roll.  But all good things (and yes, bad things) come to an end.  And so I’ve completed this yet nameless drawing.  I’m hoping for the light to break through to my mind with the title, the way the light breaks through the trees.

If only I could add the sound of hot weather insects….


What is Paradise?

Darned if I know….

It’s just in this environment, wondering what I can draw that is upbeat and inspiring to people, I come back to my old idea of Paradise.

It’s just that I don’t work well from imagination alone.  I need some hard copy to ground me, to elaborate on, and interpret.  Sometimes, I do okay, such as in this one from a couple of years ago.



But interpreting reality as a paradise is what I’d really like to do.  I’ve done some experiments, in the past, but never followed through.



A time for everything..or back to Paradise.

An Enforced Rest

My paper didn’t get here yesterday, as scheduled.  It’s still in Pennsylvania, somewhere.  Delayed, by weather, I’m assuming, although Fed Ex isn’t really clear about that.

It’s serendipitous.  If I had my paper, I’d probably feel I had to do a big project.  As it is, I’m getting informal drawing practice in.

I’m drawing trees, or more precisely, parts of trees.  I’m working from life, and the light changes far too fast, to draw a whole tree.  So, don’t expect any fantastic drawings of complete trees.  This is just an exercise to sharpen my skills, and leave the whole issue of what to do next. Just leave it.

Trees are abstract in their own ways.  They have a structure, but a very loose, and random one.  It’s a bit like putting together a very complex jig-saw puzzle, fun and frustrating at the same time.

Here’s an example of something I drew a few years ago, that gave me the same feeling.


Back to Paradise….and a Work in Progress.

As i recall, one of my first attempts at healing through art was to create drawings of various paradises.  Here’s an example of one of themnewgarden002_thumb.jpg

Of course, like so many of my series pictures…I got totally bored with the idea before I had done too many, and quit.  Am I a quitter, then?  Maybe, but usually I quit because more intriguing and meatier ideas came up, instead.  Seemed like a good trade off at the time.  And you know what?  It still seems as if it was a good trade off, now.

But, despite grumblings on my part of missing certain elements of New York City, in my more day to day living, I feel once again, as if I have been plopped right down into the middle of paradise.  There is so much to explore: Fronds from wetlands, lovely silhouetted crows in the morning fog, sunlight glinting off of web like branches…it will be a long time before I run dry for ideas.  Maybe, as I myself heal, I will once again be creating a paradise series, just by default, because that’s what I feel surrounding me.

As for the beginning of another paradise series?  Here’s the work in progress for the winter themed artwork I am doing, with the intention of maybe making a holiday card out of it next year.  But, as I draw it, I see little glimpses of a utopia in the composition.  And so, it grows.


Portrait of the Artist as a Kitten…Stage 2

Okay, progress….I have a title!  Once again, I identify with cats.

As promised, this picture is going to be complex with a lot of preliminary work.  Here’s the next stage:


danburysketchSome of you may recognize it as the front yard of my good friends’ home in Connecticut.  I was going to search through stock images for a good landscape, when I realized I already had the perfect one.

So, soon again, with the next stage.


I’m in the Mood for Fall….

Most of autumn I hate.  It’s the rain-soaked doorstep to winter.  Bare trees, cold weather, and the beginning of the most stressful time of year for many folk…the Holidays, with a capital H.  As in Hell.

But there is a little sliver in time between the end of the summer weather, and the really dark days as we approach the shortest day of the year.

October.  Beautifully colored trees, fresh ripe apples, and the accompanying cider.  Not to mention Halloween.  I really envy those kids trick or treating.  Not that I want the candy, but I would like to break loose and run all over the neighborhood in some kind of scary costume.

I’ve been putting together a calendar of my work, and noticed I didn’t have many fall pix: Just this from a while ago:



Its resolution isn’t good enough for publication.

So, with next year in mind, I bring you “Last One Standing’, the sketch.