• Once Again

    Once Again

    I’m stuck. I’m stuck because I can’t think of a full-sized drawing to do. My life had been filled with non-art things, so I just did notecards for something artistic to do. Now that life has settled down for a while, I’m ready to do something full-sized. But I’m stuck. So, here are the notecards…

  • What A Card!

    What A Card!

    I’ve always wondered where the term card came from, to describe a witty person. No, I haven’t always wondered that, but it was a good excuse to hop on Google. Evidently, the first use of the term in literature was from Dickens, I think it said 1863. But I’m talking about notecards, greeting cards and…



    What, might you ask, has the above man strolling down an urban street, have to do with green? Nothing, except, while I was drawing him, my day’s priorities took the sudden turn around. Sometimes, when that happens, that’s a bad sign. This time it is good. How about this? So, why, may you ask, and…

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