• Gratitude is the Cattitude

    Gratitude is the Cattitude

    Nope, this is not going to be another cat post. It’s about gratitude, and here we begin. I have a few friends that have been in my life for a long time. Today is the birthday of one, one who actually reads my blog! So, thanks for your support all these years, and happy birthday.…

  • You Have No Idea!

    You Have No Idea!

    I finished this a while ago: “Storm Brewing”. Yes, that’s some kind of canine howling at the clouds. It is the start of my cloud series. Since I don’t have any other idea for a cloud drawing, it’s also the end of my cloud series. My next idea is that of a haunted, no really…

  • A Day in my Life….

    A Day in my Life….

    WordPress has been doing a new thing. It has a post of a question, which I imagine is is to trigger bloggers with ideas. Today’s question is, to paraphrase, what is your first hour awake like? What does the beginning of your day? Ok, honestly, if I were to answer that : I make and…

  • A Corner on the Market

    A Corner on the Market

    I’m not one into doing WIPs, since I don’t think they’re of any interest to anyone but me. The one above, however, had an abstract effect, so I added it anyway. It’s actually just the corner, and I have a long way to go. What came to mind as I did that, is what about…

  • And Even More Spring!

    And Even More Spring!

    Do I like Spring? You bet. So much that I am going to show you more. That’s also because I haven’t had a chance to finish any new work. But, more is coming, I promise you that. Here’s a couple of geese with babies. Cute though this picture, these geese were vicious. They, and the…

  • It’s spring!

    It’s spring!

    Yes, it’s spring. I haven’t had a chance to do any new work. I thought I’d take you on a stroll of early spring in years past. We’re waiting for a visit from our landlord to fix the leaky kitchen sink. That’s it for now. To see more of my work, go to http://roxannebaldwingallery.com

  • Every So Often, Once in a While

    Every So Often, Once in a While

    Sometimes, I get the urge to do something experimental. No, not leaving some poor dog to starve on a gallery floor. Can you believe that? Someone actually did that. My experiments are well within the parameters of my usual style. Sometimes, they’re a success, and sometimes, damn it, they’re dismal failures: The featured picture all…

  • Getting Back in the Swing!

    Getting Back in the Swing!

    I’ve been out of the art scene for a while now, except for note cards. Finally, finally, finally, I did an full-sized original piece. It seems behind a bit of skill of my usual pieces, but then, I guess it’ll take some time to get back to speed. It’s snowing here, most snow we’ve had…

  • What Part of “No” Do You Not Understand?

    What Part of “No” Do You Not Understand?

    Well, I’ve been awake since 12 am, my brain is scrambled, so it’s the perfect time to write a blog post. As for refusing other people’s ideas for drawings, here’s another one, another friend. After making loads of suggestions, she went with me for a walk in a nearby park. I spotted a horse farm,…

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