I know many artists are making sad art,reflecting the current times. I’m not good at that, my attempts at sad, thoughtful art have been damn depressing. Who needs that?

The best I can do is bittersweet.

I want to try to contribute something during this sad time, but I don’t have much in way of resources. I do, however, have toilet paper.

So,I guess, as always, I’ll do happy artwork.

Because if I can distract some anxious, or bored people with a few pretty pictures, that’s something.

Not to mention a few words to read. I don’t know about you, I am starting to read labels on cans of tomato sauce.

Soon, I’ll be drawing them.

Part two

So, I finished the full-sized drawing of Man,Dog, Phone, and Parrot. I guess I could add chain link fence to the title, but that would be too long.

I cheated. I started to draw the stairs, got them so out of perspective, that I just decided to make a cubist design out of the background. I just spoiled the illusion that I’m a really creative artist, didn’t I?

I’m taking a leave of absence from work. With all the physical and emotional stress, it just seemed a good idea, at least better than quitting, which I was on the verge of doing.

In some ways, the story would make a good comedy. Like all good comedies, it includes flatulence. It also asks the profound question, is it okay to call out of work with gas?

But I digress..this is supposed to be an art blog…and speaking of this….

I really should go back to drawing people. I guess I got away from it, it seemed too much like work.

I had decided to do landscapes, thinking they would capture a mood. I think I’ve run that one into the ground.

So, in my time off, I plan to do some drawings of people. For instance the one in the header is “Halloween”. Can’t do too much right now, because as usual, I’m running out of money and paper at the same time. Both issues are soon to be relieved.

Then of Course, there’s the occasional kitten.

Blatant self advertising

Sweet LIttle Love Song

7 x 5 inch drawing matted to 10 x 8, colored pencil on archival cotton rag paper.


upside down and all around

Or…..just what was I thinking?

I had this brilliant idea, or at least I thought was a brilliant idea, to take a large picture that didn’t turn so well, and create a do-over on a small scale. Now that I think of it, it was a pretty flawed idea in the first place.

But trudge on , I did………….

This is the original, “35”.

And this is the redo…….

But then, aren’t we all a little flawed?

Anyways, I discovered that working backwards from large to little, isn’t really all that easy. In a large drawing you have room for all those juicy, delicious details. You have to choose what to through out, what to keep.

That reminds me of the move we made from one apartment that we had stayed in (and accumulated stuff in) for 16 years. What is worth moving, what should we just dump? I’m sure everyone has had something like that………….it’s damned hard!

So this is how it turned out.

Here’s one, though, that I thought was better smaill. It had a more striking composition than this:

I bet though, if I had turned around and did it small to big…well, lets just say I’ve learned a new lesson in creating artwork. Yes, you can teach this old bitch new tricks.

Here’s another that I had difficulty interpreting large…

But I do like it..

Hey! I just realized I’m showing summer drawings! I’m moving way too fast. Let’s enjoy spring for while, until the thermometers go up.


Blatant self advertising;

Available for sale:

Reproduction, Cloud Over Greenwich

An 18 x 24 inch full color reproduction, unframed and unmatted. Shipping in the USA included. Last of a series of 200.


Man, dog, phone and parrot

I finally got around to it! The Parrotman! Faster than a speeding bullet…oh, you get the idea.

A lot of detail that was almost impossible to do in such a small format, that I most likely do a full-sized one.

And for you dog lovers, it even has a dog!

Now I remember why I don’t do people too often.

They’re time consuming. And getting them just right is frustrating.

Also, they’re easily dated, by the clothes they wear.

As in this, “Prewar”. I thought I was drawing something timeless…and a friend said “It’s so 90’s. “. OOooops. I guess not. As always, I’m showing my age.

January 2nd

Dogs are a lot easier. Much easier to please, too.

Here’s a blatant advertisement:

Available for Sale

The Other Side of the Milky Way

Available at Small Stuff 2

Could be worse

I’m beginning to feel the monotony of all this. It could be worse, though, I keep reminding myself. I could be sick, or a loved one could be sick or dead from COVID-19.

As I said, I’ve been doing little drawings. I’ve done these two.

I like them well, enough.

I’ve been working in the galleries on this site to make them a little easier to view.

Other than that, not a whole heck of a lot.

More flat file diving.

I was in an extremely weird state of mind when I did this.

First Doggy in the Snow

I also have some that need to be photographed.

For Sale:

Street Address 101…….Available at Small Stuff 2.


Sheltering in place

So, what are you all doing in self quartine?

Reading? Yes!

Facetime? Yes!

Video Games? Yes!

Hobbies? Yes!

Housework? Errr, um

Surprise, I actually am doing housework, among other things. You see, I had scheduled this week off since January. A friend from overseas was going to be visiting. So. due to COVID-19, he wasn’t able to come. I have a week to get things done.

It’s spring now, and I can hear spring birds tweeting. Ironic, huh?

So, besides cleaning, I’m going through my artwork, seeing what to do with what. I’ve decided to do small stuff for a while, since I’m not too pleased with the full-sized pictures I’ve drawn.

So, into bottom of the flat file we go!

As in, what should I do with this?

All my Danbury Rocks? That sure went nowhere
This, too…
The whole Namaste Series. It was fun, while it lasted.
This cute little thing was a label for a friend’s holistic products.
There’s that damned crow again! But I have a lot of work, that just didn’t turn out to my liking.

That flat file seems bottomless…we’ll see how it goes

Bicycles in the Dandelions , 5×7 matted to 8×10 inches, $35

Available at Small Stuff

IN the wink of an eye

For those of you who noticed…….I took down my last post. For those of you who didn’t notice…it’s just as well.

I was working on this, but was tired and sick…didn’t I once title a post, “Friends don’t let other friends draw sick”. If I didn’t I should have.

I put up a post and took it down. It was an unfinished version of this:

Somehow, I, in my sort of feverish brain, didn’t realize I had a lot to go on it. So, this is the finish.

I also made the realization, that I’m going backward on my work, to a place that was more designed and interpretive.

Yes, back to my beginnings as an adult artist.

It’s been a long circular journey, but I’m coming home. A little bit dizzy, but people might argue that I’ve always been kind of dizzy.

But in between, I did some pieces I really liked

For Sale, Original 5×7 in an 8×10 mat. Small
“October Fruit Loops 1 ” $35, postage included

Available at “Small Stuff”


Good afternoon all!  It was a good afternoon, until I coughing.  So, hoping for the best,

In the meantime, I haven’t heard of a virtual contagion of coronavirus, so anyone reading this blog is safe.

But cat lovers rejoice!  Let me remind you that for us, it’s St. Gertrude of Nivelles Day, the Patron Saint of Cats.  Yes, we don’t have to eat corned beef and cabbage, if we don’t want to.  We don’t have to care about snakes, when we have these delightful, purring creatures to celebrate.

So, without further commercial interruption: Cats!


Meow For Now!



Scan_20160119 (2)

Five by seven inch drawing “Pumpkin”,  Matted to eight by ten inches.

For sale, here.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

It looks as if my subject matter in Danbury, Connecticut is going the same way as in Sunnyside, Queens.  Bits and pieces of the neighborhood, put together in multiple ways…so, I’m starting…

A little bit of this:


A little bit of that….


And then there’s that…


Not to mention this…


And believe it or not……this:


So, these are the pieces of the puzzle…all within a few blocks of each other.

What’s it going to be?  If you can guess, you win….

A magnet collection.  If you’re willing to give me your snail mail.  The first one, of course.