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I Mean, REALLY, Now….

I’m working on items for the Winter Boutique again, but this time, a little better rested.  So, for serious..here’s the first Holiday Card I’ve done…5 by 7 inches.  It’s pretty neutral in the way it presents a holiday.  It can be either Christmas or Pagan Yule.  I’m going to try to stick with as many winter landscape ideas as possible, because, no matter what religion you are (or aren’t), it’s going to be winter in the Northern Hemisphere in December.  So, here ’tis….


And I’ve scrounged some items…notice I didn’t say Scrooge, I said scrounge.  I’ve put a copy of one of my cat drawings on a suncatcher, and it came out halfway decently.  This is the drawing, the suncatcher itself, is hard to photograph….

But for you cat lovers, I’m sure you don’t mind revisiting a young cat with yarn:


I’m having fun with the pressure off…just coming up with stuff to sell.

Wow, that was fast……..


Unexpectedly, my Christmas/Yule/Channukah card project got me invigorated again. Instead of the dreary Christmas rush I face in December most years, and the empty holidays, I suddenly found a rush of how, as a child, I used to view Christmas. It was a secular holiday for us, and my mother had a bit of a pagan side to her….so, that influenced me. It was a magical time. So, as I started to draw…..I found new inspiration. So, I will post the results of my explorations…..but not before Thanksgiving. I don’t want any baby reindeer on my karma.